What We Do.

Tupende Mazingira | Love Our Environment.

Indigenous Tree Nursery.

In March 2023, we proudly established Amboseli’s first indigenous tree nursery in collaboration with the United States Forest Service (USFS). The nursery serves as a hub for nurturing native trees, which are subsequently donated to schools and community lands surrounding Amboseli National Park. These trees create vital protective buffer zones for wildlife ecosystems, safeguarding the natural balance of the region.

In addition to transforming local communities’ perspectives on tree cultivation, our site has become a source of income generation for two women’s groups—the Narutoi Women’s Group and the Lemong’o Self-Help Women’s Group—and one youth group. These groups have been instrumental in maintaining the tree nursery and supporting our outreach program. Through their involvement, women and youth have not only earned income but also acquired valuable skills to enhance their livelihoods.

Total Seedlings Produced:

28,450 as of December 2023.

School Outreach Program.

We believe that the path to change starts with nurturing the roots of transformation—our children.

Our approach is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful: we visit schools within the Amboseli ecosystem, generously donate native trees, and facilitate the formation of wildlife and environment clubs. Through these initiatives, we cultivate trees, a sense of environmental responsibility, and a profound connection to the land among the young minds we touch.

Teachers Workshop

To enhance the efficacy of our school outreach program, we conduct workshops tailored for teachers within the Amboseli region. These workshops are meticulously designed to equip educators with the requisite knowledge and expertise essential for managing wildlife and environmental clubs within their institutions.

Teachers gain valuable insights into effective club management strategies, conservation education methodologies, and practical approaches to engage students in environmental stewardship activities through these sessions. By empowering teachers as facilitators and mentors, we catalyse the development of a generation of environmentally-conscious youth who are passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability.

Our Impact in Figures from our Tupende Mazingira 2023 annual report.


Seedlings Donated to Schools


Total Number of Schools Visited:

0 +

Total Number of Students Impacted

0 +

Wildlife clubs formed:

3 million+ children helped

25+ years of service

198 community centers

72 countries

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