What We Do.


Research is at the heart of CHD Conservation Kenya’s commitment to preserving the Amboseli Ecosystem. With a focus on addressing pressing environmental challenges such as deforestation, rangeland degradation, and human-wildlife conflicts, our organization recognizes the importance of gathering data and insights to inform effective conservation strategies.

Through rigorous wildlife research initiatives, we strive to understand the intricate dynamics of the Amboseli region, including the behaviour, population trends, and habitat requirements of key wildlife species. Our research efforts are aimed at not only monitoring changes in wildlife populations and habitats but also at identifying emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

By leveraging scientific research findings, we are better equipped to develop tailored conservation interventions that address the specific needs of the ecosystem and its inhabitants. Furthermore, our research serves as a foundation for education, awareness, and policy advocacy efforts, as we work to engage communities, stakeholders, and policymakers in the conservation conversation.