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Kelvin Otwori

Kelvin Otwori is a dedicated wildlife ecologist with a fervent commitment to biodiversity conservation and nature restoration. He heads all initiatives within the conservation education department, leveraging his expertise and passion to drive our efforts in educating and engaging the community in sustainable practices and wildlife preservation.

Simon Mburu

Simon Mburu is a passionate storyteller and communication enthusiast with a background in corporate communication. Within our conservation organization, he leads communication strategies that engage stakeholders and inspire action for environmental stewardship. Through his innovative storytelling techniques, Simon fosters appreciation for conservation efforts and connects people with nature.

Grace Jemutai

Grace Jemutai is a natural connector with a strong commitment to community engagement. She leads our girl empowerment camps during school holidays with strategic oversight, fostering meaningful connections with participants. Grace’s seamless integration within our community makes her an invaluable community liaison. Additionally, she demonstrates exceptional professionalism, organizational skills, and unwavering dedication to our mission […]

Collins Busuru

Mr. Collins Busuru, a dedicated wildlife biologist, is deeply committed to empowering youth in conservation endeavours. At CHD, he spearheads strategic planning and vision-setting, ensuring alignment with our mission and values. Collins excels in cultivating strategic partnerships with stakeholders to advance our conservation goals. His exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication propel our mission forward, leaving […]

Dr Winnie Kiiru

Dr. Winnie Kiiru, with over 25 years of experience in conservation, is the founder of Conservation Kenya. A wildlife biologist and elephant expert, she holds a PhD in biodiversity management with a focus on elephant conservation. Dr Kiiru’s expertise in policy analysis, research, environmental advocacy, and organizational leadership has been instrumental in spearheading impactful conservation […]