The Making of Environmental Stewards in Enkong’u.

CHD Conservation Kenya was honoured to receive an invitation from Enkong’u Primary School after they learnt about our Tupende Mazingira Campaign whose sole goal is to restore the Amboseli Ecosystem, create environmental champions within and beyond Amboseli and help the government in attaining its goal of having 10 billion trees planted with a span of 10 years.

Our team led by Collins Busuru the Programs Manager and Anorld Otieno, the Green Project Sustainability Manager arrived at Enkong’u Primary  School eager to share our knowledge and passion for conservation with the students. 

We conducted an engaging environmental talk at the school assembly grounds, focusing on the importance of protecting our natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and mitigating the effects of climate change. We were delighted by the students’ remarkable enthusiasm and active participation in the discussion.

As usual, CHD Conservation Kenya donated 50 trees to the educational centre, symbolizing our commitment to reforestation efforts across and beyond the Amboseli ecosystem. Under the guidance of Collins, and Arnold, the students eagerly rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty, planting the seedlings in designated areas within the school compound. This practical exercise not only enhanced their understanding of the importance of trees but also instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility towards nature.

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