World Wildlife Day 2024:

CHD Conservation Kenya actively participated in the World Wildlife Day celebrations organized by Kenya Wildlife Service at Christ the King Church grounds, Amboseli. Under the theme “Connecting people and planet through exploration of digital innovation in wildlife conservation,” the event showcased the remarkable digital tools revolutionizing conservation efforts across the Amboseli ecosystem.

In the face of escalating biodiversity threats, these digital innovations have proven instrumental in safeguarding the delicate balance of nature. From advanced monitoring systems to cutting-edge conservation technologies, attendees gained invaluable insights into the pivotal role of digitalization in wildlife preservation.

Before the celebrations, CHD and KWS embarked on a series of sensitization activities, including visits to local schools such as Loomeuti Primary School and Kimana Girls. Together, they planted 300 trees, a tangible effort to combat the adverse effects of climate change looming over the region.

One of the most memorable moments was the visit to Lemon’go Primary School, where CHD and KWS’ tech-savvy team, led by Ranger Abu Ali, engaged students in an enlightening discussion on modern conservation techniques. The session delved into wildlife monitoring, human-wildlife conflict resolution, and the intricacies of data collection and analysis using ER Technology.

This collaborative effort underscores a shared commitment to environmental education and the utilization of technology for effective wildlife conservation in the Amboseli region. As we reflect on World Wildlife Day, let us continue to explore innovative solutions and empower communities to become stewards of our planet’s precious biodiversity. Together, we can build a sustainable future for generations to come.