Project Skilizeni

In a groundbreaking collaboration, CHD Conservation proudly announces its partnership with Girl Rising, a renowned American non-profit dedicated to girls’ empowerment through storytelling. Together, they launched Project Skilizeni, aimed at providing essential education and skills to young Maasai girls in Amboseli.

The inaugural training program, held in December 2023 at the CHD Research Centre in Amboseli, spanned five days and four nights. It provided a safe space for girls to explore wildlife, environmental awareness, life skills, and leadership development. The Drawing Dreams Initiative mentors represented Girl Rising and focused on menstrual equity, reproductive health, and youth development for sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience.

The second phase of training focused on climate-smart agriculture, particularly sack gardening, known for its effectiveness in arid areas. Led by Ms. Mercy Kamonjo, a Future Rising Fellow from Girl Rising, this two-day session emphasized techniques to conserve water, maximize space, and adapt to harsh conditions.

The culmination of Project Skilizeni was a 10-day storytelling camp from April 13th to 23rd, 2024. The program, led by a team of facilitators from Girl Rising, the Drawing Dreams Initiative, and CHD Conservation Kenya, integrated field trips to Tsavo West and Amboseli Parks. Environmental educational sessions on climate adaptation and conservation were combined with introductory storytelling workshops on personal narrative writing, videography, photography, and visual arts.

The camp utilized close observation, description, and discussion to help participants build voice and agency and make connections around their existing knowledge and relationship to their environment.

The camp concluded with a graduation ceremony on April 24th, graced by Madam Rukiya, a representative from The US Embassy Nairobi, CHD Conservation’s founder Dr Winnie Kiiru, Elephant Neighbour Center director Mr Jim Nyamu, representatives from Amboseli Trust for Elephants, and community members.

The success of Project Skilizeni was made possible through the generous support of Girl Rising, the US State Department, and the US Embassy in Kenya, whose funding enabled the realization of this impactful initiative.

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