Planting Seeds of Change in Amboseli.

The Tupende Mazingira School Outreach Program is once again in full swing for its 3rd term edition. This vital initiative plays a pivotal role in our mission to rejuvenate the Amboseli ecosystem. At its core, this program believes that the path to change starts with nurturing the roots of transformation—our children.

The program’s approach is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful: it involves visiting schools within the Amboseli ecosystem and generously donating trees to these institutions. Through this act of giving, the Tupende Mazingira program cultivates not only trees but also a sense of environmental responsibility and a profound connection to the land among the young minds it touches.

At the heart of this endeavour is a hands-on approach to learning that engages children not only in understanding the significance of conservation but also in actively participating in the reforestation of their surroundings. These young environmental stewards are not merely observers; they are active contributors to the preservation of their natural heritage. It’s an approach that fosters a deep and abiding appreciation for nature and instils a lifelong commitment to its safeguarding.

In a significant and heartwarming development, we have opened our doors to new partners who share in the vision of a thriving Amboseli ecosystem. Serena Safari Lodge Amboseli and Ol Tukai Lodge, renowned for their unwavering dedication to sustainable tourism and environmental preservation, have embraced the School Outreach Program as partners. Together, they bring additional resources, expertise, and support to advance the cause of conservation education in Amboseli.

As the Tupende Mazingira School Outreach Program continues to spread its roots throughout Amboseli, it serves as a testament to the transformational potential of education, shared values, and collective action. The program is sowing the seeds of change, nurturing them with knowledge and care, and watching as they grow into a greener, more sustainable future—for Amboseli and our world.

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