Empowering Tomorrow’s Women with our Girls’ Mentorship Camp.

CHD Conservation Kenya held its August transformative girls’ Mentorship camp at its research centre in Ol’donyo Musa, Lemong’o. The three-day program aimed to empower 30 aged 13 and 19 from Lemong’o with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to excel in their academics and in becoming future leaders in their communities and in the conservation arena.

Amidst the tranquil beauty of Ol’donyo Musa Eco Camp, the participants engaged in a series of thoughtfully curated activities that spanned various dimensions of personal growth.

The girls received a crucial talk centred on maintaining focus on education and life in general from the head of mentorship Grace Jemutai and Research Assistant Cynthia Ketito. They were equipped with study techniques and advice on crafting personal timetables, enabling them to effectively manage their time and prioritize their commitments.

Time spent at the Carbon Restoration and Conservation Education Centre proved to be an enlightening experience. Through engaging sessions led by the site manager Arnold Oricho, the girls deepened their understanding of the environment, learning about ecosystems, biodiversity, and the importance of sustainable practices.

An interactive and practical element was added to the program as the girl’s potted soils for the site’s tree nursery. This hands-on activity connected their personal growth with nurturing the earth, emphasizing the importance of both self-development and environmental stewardship.

As the three-day program concluded, the girls left with newfound empowerment and camaraderie. We look forward to having them during their December school holidays.

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