Elephants The Endless Feeders

We are sharing interesting facts about elephants for Elephant Month.

Did you know?

… That elephants spend way more time eating than in any other activity?  These huge elegant beasts of the African savanna are herbivorous mixed feeders. Meaning that they feed on grass and herbaceous vegetation, as well as browse leaves and twigs from trees. In this process, they spend 18 of every 24 hours feeding!

There are two reasons for this. First, their massive bodies require immense amounts of food to grow and energy to keep them mobile.

The second, is that their digestive system has little efficiency. Thanks to their poor digestion, most of the food that is ingested comes out the other end largely unscathed.

This the cause of legendary heaps of elephant dung that is the subject of African folktale.

The African elephant is one of the most charismatic species on planet earth. Although the population is currently stable, its survival is continuously threatened by a myriad of forces including habitat destruction, human-elephant conflict and poaching for ivory.

Conservation Kenya is on the frontline of elephant conservation through public participation and education. We work with multiple partners to end all forms of the global ivory trade.

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