Moulding Home-Grown Conservationists with KWT’s Mentorship Program.

2 Young Mentees who underwent the worskshop.

We joined hands with Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) at Wildlife Research and Training Institute (WRTI), Naivasha, once again for the Second Edition of their renowned mentorship program aimed at nurturing the future leaders of conservation. This collaborative effort stems from the resounding success of the inaugural program, which saw an impressive 76% of participants excel in their end-of-semester exams.

Spanning two enriching days, the program catered to 21 promising individuals from the expansive Mara, Samburu, and Amboseli ecosystems. These students, pursuing diplomas in Wildlife Management and Environmental Management, were immersed in a comprehensive training regimen focusing on vital skills for conservation leadership.

Communication skills and digital storytelling took centre stage, equipping participants with the tools to leverage technology and narrative prowess for conservation advocacy. Moreover, the training extended beyond academia, encompassing essential life skills such as effective study habits, discipline, and etiquette.

Building upon the foundation laid in the previous year, green conservation projects were a pivotal component of the training. These initiatives not only reinforced environmental stewardship but also provided practical experience in implementing conservation strategies.

Four dedicated facilitators were guiding the participants, including Cynthia Ketito and Kelvin Otwori, alumni of the institution. Ketito, formerly an intern at CHD Conservation Kenya and now a part of The South Rift Association Of Land Owners (SORALO), along with Otwori, currently serving as the Conservation Education Officer at CHD, served as beacons of inspiration for the aspiring conservationists.

As the trainees prepare to step into the conservation arena upon completing their diplomas, they carry with them not only newfound knowledge and skills but also a sense of purpose instilled by the mentorship program.

About The KWT Conservation Leadership Program

The Kenya Wildlife Trust Conservation Leadership Program is aimed at developing conservation leaders from key wildlife areas where they work in; Amboseli/Tsavo, Samburu/Laikipia, and the Greater Maasai Mara. The scholarship recognizes, encourages, and promotes leadership among future wildlife conservation and management professionals through supporting their wildlife and conservation-based education.

2 Young Mentees who underwent the worskshop.


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  2. Let keeping going, let make our planet a better future to be celebrated in years to come.

  3. Thanks to KWT and CHD conservation for this encouraging leadership program and we have learnt alot regarding to conservation💪💪🤝 we are great full as beneficiaries team 💪💪

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