CHD Conservation Kenya CEO Collins Busuru Selected as Girl Rising Future Rising Fellow

We are pleased to announce the selection of our CEO, Collins Busuru, as a Fellow for Girl Rising. The Girl Rising Future Rising Fellowship is a global initiative, that annually identifies 10 outstanding young leaders aged 17 to 25.

Busuru’s Future Rising Project will spotlight the narratives of young Maasai girls in Amboseli and their connection to nature. At CHD Conservation Kenya, he spearheads operations focusing on environmental and wildlife conservation through community engagement. Additionally, he leads a unique mentorship program for local Maasai girls, supporting their educational pursuits.

Future Rising Fellows, such as Busuru, represent diverse backgrounds and possess varied skills and talents. They embody leadership, science, art, education, social innovation, communication, and entrepreneurship. What unites them is a deep dedication to leveraging the transformative power of girls and women for a just and sustainable future.

Through the Future Rising Fellowship, emerging leaders receive critical support, including financial assistance, skill development opportunities, and mentorship. Storytelling is central to the fellowship, enabling fellows to effectively communicate their experiences and insights. Moreover, they gain access to professional networks and avenues, enhancing their capacity to drive positive change.

Busuru’s selection reaffirms CHD’s steadfast commitment to conservation, education, and gender equity. It underscores the potential of youth leadership to effect transformative change.

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