CHD Conservation Kenya Undertakes Its First Qualitative Field Research.

CHD Conservation Kenya conducted a one-day qualitative research study in a bid to understand the experiences and perspectives of our programs and presence in Lemong’o as well as identify strengths and uncover areas of improvement.

The team tasked with carrying out the research was headed by Grace Jemutai, the Research Centre Manager, Cynthia Ketito our volunteer translator and Lena Hensen, our international volunteer from Brown University.

The team ventured into the heart of the Lemong’o community where they conducted face-to-face interviews with selected participants who gave us an insight into their journey and the impact our programs had on their lives and the environment.

The data collected from the interview unveiled great insights into the efficacy of our mentorship programs and environmental training. A majority of respondents expressed a significant increase in environmental awareness as a direct result of participating in our programs. Many also lauded us for the girls’ and boys’ mentorship programs we conduct during school holidays as our mentees have proved to have acquired valuable skills in environmental conservation and life in general. Respondents also openly shared the challenges they faced.

Their constructive feedback will assist us in devising sustainable solutions and providence of additional support. The findings from the study will also play a crucial role in refining our initiatives and empowering individuals to continue becoming effective environmental stewards.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who shared their experiences, making this research study a resounding success in our collective journey towards a greener and brighter world.

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