Active charity, active life.

The year 2022 ended on a high note as 38 students from the Amboseli ecosystem attended our highly successful conservation and mentorship camps. Many of the students were anxiously awaiting the announcement of the results of the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education Examination by the minister. This national exam marks the transition from primary school to high school. The students who perform well anticipate a change to boarding school which is as exciting as it is frightening for the young learners.

There was an excited buzz around our traditional campfire that evening when the students learned that exam results were available online and some even managed to access them on the few mobile phones available. The possibilities were suddenly endless! “I want to be a park warden and work in Amboseli National Park”, shouted Tulito over the growing noise. Shy Resian wants to study and work in a big hotel. She wants to speak french and german. Naisandi wants to be a driver-guide. She wonders aloud why there are no women driving land cruisers in Amboseli. She claims to know all the animals and their behavior after attending many of our conservation camps and visits.

The older high school students attempted to moderate the excitement by telling the aspirants to be wary of the extremely difficult mathematics and physics lessons they would have to endure for four years. The reality check did nothing to dull the joy of the moment. The children burst into song and danced around the fire as a celebratory chorus got everyone on their feet.

The beautiful moment around the fire ended with a lovely assertion by Waziri. “I’m proud to be a Maasai girl because my culture and colorful traditional attire make me stand out. I am recognizable all over the world. Our parents are keen to teach us through beading, music, dance, and storytelling.” 

It is not lost on any of these children that the drought has ravaged the community and many of their parents will be faced with tough choices. Some of these girls have already heard the murmurs that suggest suitors have already been identified for them. Some of the boys are aware that if they find sponsorship, there will be a chance of going to high school.

The celebration continued into the evening. The dreams of the children lit the night sky. Their fears were dulled by the dancing flames. Tomorrow will be another day. Today we celebrate! 

We encourage you to take action and support conservation and mentorship programs in your local community. Together we can make a difference for the future of our planet and its inhabitants. 

CHD Conservation Kenya would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all who rallied behind our supporter and friend Kathy Karn to donate toward hosting the mentorship camp. 

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