‘Kenyan conservation will not work unless we spend time with the people, understanding their aspirations, pain and disappointment’

Dr Winnie Kiiru

Conservation Kenya promotes public participation in conservation through education and awareness programs, citizen research and enterprise development towards a sustainable future for wildlife, habitats and the people of Kenya.


years protecting the future

Our Recent Projects

CHD Conservation is proud to announce our partnership with Girl Rising, a renowned American non-profit dedicated to girls’ empowerment through storytelling.

In December 2023, we collaborated with the Tony Wild Foundation to organize a three-day expedition, aimed at immersing Maasai boys…

CHD Conservation Kenya actively participated in the World Wildlife Day celebrations organized by Kenya Wildlife…
Research stands as a cornerstone of CHD Conservation Kenya’s mission, dedicated to safeguarding the Amboseli Ecosystem.


In Amboseli, Maasai girls face challenges from climate change and societal pressures. Our empowerment camps provide education and life skills to combat early marriages. With support, these camps have expanded, leading to historic achievements like the first high school graduates in 2023. Our mission is clear: empower girls through education for a brighter, sustainable future.

Conservation Education

Come join our exciting conservation camps! They are full of hands-on activities to deepen your appreciation for nature.


We prioritize Amboseli Ecosystem preservation through research. Addressing deforestation and human-wildlife conflicts, we gather data for effective strategies. Wildlife research informs tailored conservation, supporting education and policy advocacy.

Tupende Mazingira

Amboseli’s first indigenous tree nursery, established in collaboration with the USFS, fosters native tree growth for community lands. This initiative, complemented by a school outreach program and teacher workshops, promotes environmental responsibility and conservation education among youth in the region.

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